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Helping you to help yourself
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"Legal Document Services was there and available when I needed them."

-- Randy G., Capitola

"Our complicated paperwork went through the system right, the first time."
-- Ellen V., Los Gatos

"We saved more than half the cost of using an attorney and received personal, attentive service."
-- Victoria C., Santa Cruz


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I am not an attorney.
I can only offer self-help services at your specific direction.

Regina Van Hecke
LDA REG. #41
Santa Cruz County

Our purpose is
to provide low-cost
legal access and assistance
for everyone.

The legal system
can be expensive,
and complicated.

Our goal is to provide
the help you need to
help yourself.

... Regina Van Hecke
Legal Document Services




About Mediation

Often there are issues that may be difficult to resolve without assistance, and mediation is a great way to avoid ever having to appear in court, having someone else making decisions for you, your family and your financial future.

Mediation is the best resolution for both parties, and is a cooperative means of dispute resolution involving professional assistance.

There are several different models of mediation, and Santa Cruz County has several skilled attorney-mediators in the community.

Mediators do not represent a person individually, but rather act on behalf of the couple to achieve their goals.

Mediation is an affordable way of settling problems and will always be less expensive than litigation.

Here are links to some very experienced mediators who are highly recommended by clients:

Anne Lober at
Monica Vantoch at
Lu Haussler at

You may also contact the Family-Law Affordable Mediation Project (FAM) at:  831-345-2891





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